I Made Another Glossier Order


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Dear Reader, since my last Glossier update (which you can read here, or the first-ever one here) I’d really been drawn to making another order – for research purposes, of course! In that latest update I’d mentioned how intrigued I was about the Phase 1 set they had to offer – the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Perfecting Skin Tint, and their original Balm Dotcom – and how I’d also really wanted to try their Priming Moisturizer Rich and the Rose Balm Dotcom. So I thought, why not build my own Phase 1 set and customize those components, à la carte style? And then I did! (Because dreams can come true!)

The order I placed this time was my more customized take on their Phase 1 base set: the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Perfecting Skin Tint in Light, Priming Moisturizer Rich, and the Balm Dotcom in the rose scent/shade. Creating my own version of the Phase 1 set did end up being more expensive (about $10 more expensive); I think it’s better to spend the extra bit of money and get all of the products I’d wanted to try, rather than having to order the extra two products and spending ~$45 more. I do still want to try the original Priming Moisturizer, but my skin has needed so much hydration as of late that I was really itching to try the thicker, more decadent iteration. Full disclosure: these products, for me, lie somewhere between clean and conventional beauty; they definitely are not clean, but I find them to be better than most of their conventional counterparts, and the brand aligns with my belief that products should not be tested on animals (cruelty-free!).

Glossier’s Milky Jelly Cleanser was one that I’d been hoping to like enough to keep in rotation for my skincare capsule, but it really blew me away. The morning after I had used it for the first time, I’d noticed that the acne along my jawline had already started to smooth over – something that none of my other cleansers had been able to accomplish with such speed and efficacy, let alone over a single sleep – though I know that this hormonal acne will take a lot of inner healing to be properly cured. I will say that the scent is the most off-putting aspect of this cleanser: it smells very plastic-y and artificial, I don’t know how else to describe it. Aside from that, it’s all love from me. I use cleanser on a konjac sponge (my method of choice for cleansers), and I only use a single pump of this for my entire face. I’d seen the video on the Glossier site on how Emily Weiss (founder and CEO of Glossier) uses a few pumps of this at a time, but I do a semi-first cleanse with coconut oil wipes to remove my makeup and so I don’t use quite so much of the MJC. The texture of this cleanser takes some getting used to, but I only use it in the evening and the results have been more than enough for me to keep coming back for more!

I think I may have been the most excited for the Priming Moisturizer Rich, and now I know I had every right to be. This cream is delightfully luxurious and so rich (like the name suggests), and it’s just absolutely perfect for my nighttime ritual, so I’ve looked forward to using it every day I’ve had it. If you have ingredient sensitivities, this moisturizer has both lavender and shea so, if those ingredients are problematic for you, you may want to steer clear of this product. And as someone who loves lavender, I don’t find this scent to be offensive or troublesome, but I have read some reviews from people who have found it too difficult to get over – if you are on the fence about lavender, keep that in mind as well. That being said, for me this product is a 10/10 – would use again – and I also love cutting it with a few drops of a luxe facial oil for extra hydration as I need it.

I was very nervous about testing out the Perfecting Skin Tint because I’ve heard varying accounts of its performance and overall level of sheerness, so I wasn’t sure on which end of the spectrum it would lie on for me. On the YouTube videos I’d seen that featured this product (both from Glossier and other YouTube content creators), people seem to be in agreement that they use 10-11 drops of this product for their full face, but I’d started out with just four drops to see. I just used the dropper-like packaging and plopped four drops onto the back of my hand, used my finger to dab those in the areas I needed most – the bit right around my nose, my chin, and the bit of forehead between my eyebrows – and blended those in with fingers, using smoothing and outward motions. For more coverage, I added four more drops to the back of my hand, applied to the areas where I wanted more coverage, and blended out as I did the first time – I’ve not really used more than 8-9 drops total whenever I use this product.

I love how much the Perfecting Skin Tint blurs out color variances in my complexion, but doesn’t cake up or visibly look like I’m wearing a full face of foundation. I agree the name "Skin Tint” is accurate because it really doesn’t have enough coverage to flatten out the complexion as other foundations do, but it’s great for those “no-makeup” days (which is really most days for me, as I’m super low maintenance). To take care of extra redness and cover up blemishes and imperfections I use the Stretch Concealer, and these two in conjunction with each other have become my go-to of late! They are both very dewy, so I find that I definitely need to set them with a powder (this is non-negotiable for the concealer, I think).

Last – and certainly not least – is the Balm Dotcom in the rose scent/shade. I’ve found that I really like this a lot more than the coconut one! I purchased the coconut Balm Dotcom last month and used it every day before starting my daytime beauty ritual, but I’ve found that this rose one has replaced it almost completely. I love the scents of both, and this rose one does have a rose pink transparent hue, so I’ve just really been loving this one. I previously had reservations about the scent – I hoped it wouldn't be too artificial or sickly sweet – but I’ve not been upset with it in the least, and I find the scent to be kind of soothing; it is definitely not a super-natural rose scent, but it’s not offensive. I will say my one gripe with these Balm Dotcoms is that they’re not easily applied to the lips: they must first be squeezed out onto a fingertip and applied from there. This might be because the product can be used wherever, but – I mean, this is a real First World Problem™ – for a $12 balm, I’d like it to be just a little bit easier.

I know I’ve kind of been on a Glossier kick lately but, all in all, I’d say that the Phase 1 set (or this à la carte version) is worth the money if you’re curious about Glossier, need some low-maintenance base products, or want a no-fuss starter kit. I’ve been really on edge about a lot of marketing tactics and beauty outreach lately, so I’m not going to be one to say that you need to go out and buy something, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve tried so far in their product collection. If it’s something you think you’ll like, and you’ve liked what you’ve heard about the products, go ahead and try it! (And, if you’re interested in 20% off your order, I have a link below you can use.)

Now that I’ve gotten these products, I do find myself immediately wanting to try everything else Glossier has to offer, but I probably won’t be ordering anything else from them for a little while. Realistically, I have more than enough to be getting on with at the moment, so my next beauty/skincare purchase will need to be really well thought out – keeping in mind that I operate on more of a capsule mindset, analyzing where the weaknesses in my collection are and filling those gaps. I did order a couple of products at the beginning of last month (it’s actually a bi-monthly subscription that featured products I knew I wanted, and they should be arriving toward the end of this month! So excited!), but they are definitely products that I needed to replace, or didn’t have anything comparable to in my collection. That being said, I did enjoy these products from Glossier! Have any of you tried the Phase 1 set (or the products in it)? Which was your favorite, and what other Glossier products have you really loved? Please let me know!

XO genscribbles


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