Yep, I made a Glossier order

Dear Reader, I had previously not been all that interested in ordering products from Glossier. I had seen ads plastered all over my social media, and the YouTubers and bloggers I follow seemed to, one-by-one, begin talking about their recent finds from Glossier. This brand (pronounced like a regular French verb, gloss-EE-yay) began to get the reputation of being the new “It Girl” makeup & skincare, and there’s no denying this brand’s marketing has been extremely effective. This paired with the smart and cheeky packaging and branding aesthetic, and it didn’t take much for me to begin to warm to the idea of placing an order.

Going back a bit, I think the one product I had initially been hearing the most about is the Boy Brow – I believe this is the product that they’d touted as having a 10,000-person wait list at one point. Something about this claim had rubbed me the wrong way, and I’d pushed the brand out of my mind as being one that I’d wanted to try. Unfortunately for my resolve, it wasn’t long after this that one of my favorite YouTube content creators slowly began integrating Boy Brow into her “get ready with me” and monthly favorites videos, and so the seed was planted.

Having gone through their site, Glossier's current product range is neither wide nor extensive, but they seem to be smart about what they formulate. And their range is slowly growing. They very recently (March 2nd) launched their Cloud Paint blush concentrates, and the colors are quite pretty (inspired by NYC sunsets). I will say that I’m not in the market for much of their skincare, and overall their ingredients are not as clean as I'd like them to be for a brand that claims, "Skin first. Makeup second." (I’ve gone through the ingredients list for products I was initially thinking about trying), but they’re just so clever with their campaigns. Their models are gorgeous, full-browed, everyday goddesses, and really put paid to the intrigue of their minimal and utilitarian products – which are meant not to mask the face but to enhance one’s natural beauty. Their message on the site is:

Beauty in real life.

Hi! We’re Glossier, a beauty company inspired by what girls need in real life. We’re creating the new essentials: easy-to-use basics that form the backbone to your unique beauty routine.

The real impetus for my placing an order was that there seemed to be a window when beauty-minded social media content creators were invited to become ambassadors or representatives for the brand, and this means discount codes (I'm not a rep, but I've got a link below for you, too!). I probably wouldn’t have acquired any products from this brand had it not been gifted to me or purchased at a discount, so I’m glad that I took advantage of the opportunity. Now I finally get to see what everyone is talking about! Because I only recently received the package, this will be an initial first impression and not a fully formed opinion about the performance of these products; color me still skeptical but also hopeful. I really want to love these products! (I mean, no one really wants to spend money on a product that doesn't end up working out for them.)

I knew I’d wanted to purchase the Boy Brow – their version of a natural-looking brow gel that fills, thickens, and grooms without stiffening – because I've been having such an issue with the efficacy of other brow products; most brow products are just too harsh and too warm-toned for my cooler, dark eyebrows. So my decision then was: brown or black? I went with the product in black because, despite my dark brown hair, my brow hairs are, well, black. When I initially saw the Boy Brow product in person, I was very taken aback at how small the tube actually is. It really is small, smaller even than some of my tinted lip balms’ packaging. I’d thought it was odd how YouTubers seem to rapidly rip through this product but, now having seen it, it’s not very surprising. I suppose it is better to have a smaller product package that one can get through without it drying out, and it helps that it’s relatively inexpensive ($16).

The other product I had really been interested in was the Balm Dotcom, and I was again met with a big decision: coconut or rose? All the comments and reviews on the product made it seem like the coconut scent was universally adored, but it was another YouTube reviewer saying that the rose scent smells like the Rosebud Salve that really pushed me over; I’m not sure I love a faint, rose-lite scent, so it seemed like coconut would be it for me! The Balm Dotcom is a universal salve that comes in a cute, soft, toothpaste-like tube, about the size of a Royal Talens gouache tube (forgive me, I’m an artist so this is my main point of reference!), and I really do love this artsy side of the Glossier packaging. Having now sampled the scent of the coconut balm, I can’t say that it's really all that coconutty – it’s more like a coconut cupcake. It still smells yummy and, I think if I make another order, I will tack on the Balm Dotcom in rose – just to see!

The last product I got was one that I had to think about for a long time. I knew that I wanted at least three products (free shipping kicks in at $30), so I didn’t know if I wanted to try the Haloscope highlighter, or the Cloud Paint blusher, or the Perfecting Skin Tint, or something else. My thought process on this was a series of checking ingredients, and rationale concerning my current product capsule collection. I knew that I didn’t really need any of their skincare, so it was kind of just down to makeup this time. I don’t need any more lip products and I wasn’t crazy about the color selection, so the Generation G was out; I’d already decided to get the Boy Brow, so I didn’t need to consider that one; I already had a luminizer I really love (the W3LL People Bio-Brightener cream stick), so I didn’t need the Haloscope; I have a cream foundation (W3LL People Narcissist) AND a liquid foundation (Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation) to tide me over at the moment, so I’m not hard-pressed for a base product – Perfecting Skin Tint was out.

I think it’s important to say here that, when it comes to makeup, I’m not a PURIST in clean and natural formulas. I think my collection is, like, 85-15 in terms of clean-to-conventional (or maybe even 90-10, as I’ve done a lot of purging in it), so I do have a lot of inner debate when it comes to deciding on new products and whether or not I will err on the side of clean or conventional. In this case, I decided on cleaner and more practical. After I decided this, the Stretch Concealer also began to seem like it should’ve been the most obvious solution from the start: though I do have a concealer (the W3LL People Bio-Correct) I’ve not been using it for the past several months, mostly because I came to realize that I’m not in love with how heavy it is. The Stretch Concealer, like the Perfecting Skin Tint, is not a full coverage product and is very lightweight. And, for people who also use the Perfecting Skin Tint, the Stretch Concealer was formulated to shade-match with that product. This product is meant to be good for layering – if desired – and can stretch and flex with your skin (hence the name). I love that the product comes in a glass jar (who doesn’t love a gorgeous pot of product?), and it really is very smooth and light (not just my shade, but the texture and weight). I'm wondering if I'll also be able to use it as a minimal, lightweight foundation, like the rms Beauty "Un" Cover-Up? With such similarities in packaging it's hard not to draw that comparison, so I might give that a try, too.

I’m really looking forward to playing with and testing these products out some more, and I should be able to form some solid opinions after a few uses. As far as shipping goes, I placed this order on a Saturday and received it the following Wednesday, so processing and shipping seem to move quickly. Right now, I’m very happy with the initial impressions, and I really like that Glossier products ship with a very adorable, pink, reusable bubble-mailer zip pouch (and stickers!); the branding and experience are even youthful and cheeky right up to when they meet you on your doorstep. Have any of you tried out Glossier products? If you have, which products have been your favorites? Please share with me; I’d love to have some recommendations!

XO genscribbles


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As a disclaimer: All products and/or services I mention on this site are 100% paid for myself, unless I state otherwise. I take time to research products and services, and I believe that other people do the same – especially when we’re talking about spending our own hard-earned money. If I don’t like something, I will be open and forthright about it – I want absolute honesty, integrity and transparency (here and in all aspects of life). Tl;dr everything said here is entirely my own opinion about my experiences with brands and/or specific products, and I’m just happy you’re here!